Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life


David R. Wright performs his dynamic and hilarious hypnosis shows for all types of events (high school prom/grad nights, college events, fairs/festivals, casinos, clubs, fundraising events, corporate team building, private parties).


Do you suffer with anxiety, insomnia, fears/phobias or do you want to eliminate a bad habit from you life such as smoking or excessive eating?Make an appointment now to effect positive changes in your life.


Do you run a business or corporation and want to empower your team members to be the best people they can be and achieve a level of success that will fulfill their lives and the organizations they work for?

Tell me if any of this resonates with you...


You think that it's time for a change in your life

You are sick and tired of struggling with issues that negatively affect your life, health, relationships, self-esteem and emotional well-being.


You are looking for an event or show that will wow attendees and demonstrate the power of hypnosis

Comedy Stage hypnosis shows combine hypnosis demonstrations and comedy for entertainment purposes. The goal of a hilarious hypnosis show is to showcase the power of the human mind using hypnosis in a fun and interactive way.


You have always been fascinated about hypnosis

Hypnosis is not magical or mystical. In fact, it has been around in some form or another for thousands of years. Let Mr. Wright demystify the process and show you how you unleash the power of your mind with a comedy hypnosis stage show or a private one-on-one hypnosis session.

If you said “yes” to any of the above, then you’re in the right place!

The Motor City Hypnotist Podcast discusses all things related to hypnosis, mental health, self-help and inspiration without the psychobabble. Come join us for fun, informative and entertaining content that you can use to improve yourself and make positive changes! David R. Wright is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist.  He has been in practice for 30 years and performs comedy hypnosis stage shows as The Motor City Hypnotist.


Change your thinking, change your life.

What keeps you from experiencing success? Is it money? Time? Effort? Skill?

None of the above.

The number one reason is your faulty belief system.

Your embedded beliefs lead to all outcomes whether positive or negative.

There is no simpler way to make permanent changes to your thinking that will lead to future success than hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been around in one form or another for thousands of years and has been scientifically proven to be effective.

In this book you will learn:

· Why this time will be different for you

· What your why is

· You will define what drives you and why you will finally experience success

·How to implement proven strategies including motivation, scheduling and address your belief system and how to avoid procrastination

·A full breakdown of what hypnosis is and why it is the most powerful tool to change your thinking

·I will walk you through how to enter a hypnotic trance and suggestions you can tell yourself that will forever change your life


This time, it WILL be different!


About David

My Life

Originating from the suburbs of Detroit, David Wright has hypnotized thousands of people from all over the United States. He is currently the owner and clinical director of an outpatient mental health and hypnosis clinic located just south of Detroit where he helps people daily using the power of hypnosis


David earned his bachelor's degree in Psychology and master's degree in Counseling. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Michigan. He is also a certified hypnotist/hypnotherapist. He began helping people during high school and college volunteering as a camp counselor for adolescents.

Sphere of Influence

David R. Wright has worked all over the country performing comedy hypnosis stage shows as the Motor City Hypnotist. He has worked with and alongside some of the best hypnotists in the world. Mr. Wright has been featured on news outlets all across the United States.

Working together for your better life!

Whether it be generating laughter during a hypnosis stage show or spending time with you during a one-on-one hypnosis session, my goal is to make people's lives better.

Office: 9333 Telegraph, Suite 200, Taylor, MI 48180

Call 1-313-800-8510


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