Motor City Hypnotist Podcast with David Wright -Episode 1 “The Secrets of Hypnosis-Part 1”


Motor City Hypnotist Podcast, Episode 1; The Secrets of Hypnosis Part 1

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INTRODUCTION: In this episode of the Motor City hypnotist podcast, I’m going to share with you the secrets of hypnosis, how and why it works. Sometimes why it doesn’t work, and I’m going to dispel myths and fears. Oh, and stay tuned. I’m going to be giving something away to all the listeners.

Back in the studio at Podcast Detroit Northville Studios after a three month quarantine.

My producer Matt Fox is with me and running the show

This is the inaugural episode of the Motor City Hypnotist Podcast. 

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I just want to say I’ve been online a lot and I’ve been thinking a long time about doing this podcast. And one of the things I found is that most of the mental health podcasts out there are very nice and soft. And that’s great. It’s great and supportive, and it’s cool. I want to do something a little more upbeat and fun. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get anything out of this. We are going to get into hypnosis in just a moment.  I’m going to give you some great things that you can use to implement today by the time we’re done, but we’re going to have fun doing it.

Winner of the Week: Geoffrey Fieger who states “I don’t do skits with my mom!”


Matt admits he has watched the movie Dune almost 100 times.

Is Hypnosis Real? 

The first question I usually get asked when I say I’m a hypnotist or hypnotherapist “Is it real?” And I’m like, no, it’s fake. I just fake it. I get paid. I made a career out of faking it.

I’m going to break it down.  Hypnosis, simply put, is a relaxed state of body and mind. Okay, that’s as simple as it can be. Now a lot of us know how to relax our bodies. We do it when we fall asleep at night or take a nap or just lying down and relaxing. For a lot of people and I know I’m sure everyone has dealt with this at some point, they’ll lie down in bed.. the body’s exhausted, they’ve worked all day, whatever, but they’re just tired and they lie down. The brain just keeps going. It’s just like a runaway train. They can’t slow that down. What hypnosis does is it quiets your brain and just relaxes your thinking. And that’s the basis of how hypnosis starts. With hypnosis, what we do is we relax your body and your mind.  Imagine your mind has two compartments. The front compartment is your conscious mind. That’s what we use to talk, as we interact. We’re using your conscious mind as we’re reading something as we’re hearing something that’s being processed in the conscious mind and we’re formulating “Oh That’s what they’re saying, this is what I’m going to say or this is how I’m going to respond.”  The back compartment is your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind controls things like breathing, and bodily functions. It’s automatic. The subconscious mind is where all of your habits are stored, whether good or bad.

Let’s take something like smoking. When somebody starts smoking, at some point it becomes a habit. Once it becomes a habit, it’s locked into your subconscious. Once it’s embedded into that subconscious, that habit just continues and you know, as most smokers who’ve done it for any length of time, sometimes you’ll find yourself smoking and not even remember lighting it. Our subconscious controls all of our habits and that includes physical and thinking.

What we do with it hypnosis is when you relax the mind, the mind can bypass that conscious filter. And that’s the front part that when I say to people, I’m a hypnotist. And their first reaction to just automatically assume it’s fake, because that’s what some people think. That’s because they’re using their conscious mind to make a decision about it. And once we bypass that conscious faculty, that’s the one that that gives you doubts, and that’s the one that is very more analytic, and it will pick apart what you’re trying to do. Whereas the subconscious mind once you get there, one suggestion can change that subconscious mind

People can quit smoking, and typically, and you know what I mean by white knuckling it, they can stop cold turkey and they’ll be maybe even get a couple, three, four days in. And they’re just hanging on. They are having nicotine withdrawals and not sleeping. You know, they feel like shit honestly. They really haven’t addressed the mental part of it. Physically they’ve cut themselves off, but they haven’t made that change mentally. And that’s what you need in order to be successful with anything.  You have to have the mental change in your subconscious to break that habit. We can change subconscious thinking patterns. And when we change the thinking patterns we change behavior.

Can I Be Hypnotized?

A lot of people ask, “Well, can I be hypnotized?” The answer to that typically is sure, if you want to be hypnotized. If you want to be and let it happen, yes, it will work for you. And I think that’s the issue that a lot of people have is they’re dealing with it because they don’t believe in it or they put up that wall. And they’re just really not sure. Those are the folks that think it is not real. Sometimes if you don’t believe it upfront, it’s probably not going work for them. That’s a block. Once you decide that you want to do it and you are serious about it, again, it’s all mindset. I believe everyone is hypnotizable. And in fact, everyone goes through hypnosis at some point during the day. If you’re daydreaming, if you’re watching a movie, if you’re interested in a movie, and everything else is blocked out, if you’re doing any type of meditating, or if you are focused on music and just get involved. Whenever your mind is so focused on something that everything else is blocked out, that’s a state of hypnosis, whether you know it or not. When I say hypnosis, a lot of people picture a person slumped over, looking like they’re sleeping.  We use the term sleep but they’re not really sleeping. It’s a heightened state of awareness. So they’re actually more focused than they would be when they’re fully alert. When people understand that hypnosis is something relaxing your body and your mind and your habits are stored in your subconscious, if you want to change those habits, we get you in the state of hypnosis and I give you suggestions.  I’ve had emails, inquiring about services, and they’ll say, “If it doesn’t work can I get my money back?”  If you look at most businesses, people aren’t happy and get a refund. I’m a little hesitant with this because what that does is already setting you up for it not to work because your mind is already there. Your mind is already expecting it not to work.  You want to have this this safety net.  You’ve kind of already set yourself up for failure. And I tell people, the only reason that hypnosis wouldn’t work is because of something you’re doing. Because if you can’t follow the directions, it’s not going to happen. The other thing is that people think, “when I come in will I be magically be fixed?”  I can say yes and no to that question, because I have had people come in, especially for smoking cessation, that took one session, and they’ve been done for years. I’ve had a lot of clients over the past few years with a fear of flying on an airplane. And I worked with one client.  She actually had never been on vacation with her family because she would never fly. It was about three weeks before their trip. I spent one session with her and she flew across the country with only one session.  But once you make that subconscious change sometimes it just takes one flick of a switch and it is not there anymore. And I know that sounds very fantastical or very hard to believe. It really sometimes is like that. Now sometimes people take more than one session. If we’re doing hypnotherapy for childhood trauma, that may take more than one session.  I’m dealing with a lot of frontline workers, nurses, health care workers. And they’re in the midst of it. And they’re really suffering from PTSD. That is a form of it. They’re experiencing these traumatic events over and over again.  They are seeing people die every day. And that’s a shock.  That’s something that really messes people up.  As people are listening, if you have ideas or things that you want me to address, it doesn’t necessarily have to be hypnosis related. I’m also a licensed therapist, and we’re going to get into that on the show. I’m going to do an episode and I think that one’s very important, especially if you’re looking to hire a hypnotist or hypnotherapist.  Five things you must know before you hire a hypnotist or hypnotherapist.  That’s an episode coming up.

So I just started getting into hypnosis and we will continue this on in our next episode. This podcast is 30 minutes long and my time goes fast, especially when we’re getting into a lot of information. But the good thing is, is that we’re going to do a part 2 of the Secrets of Hypnosis. 

Free Hypnosis  Guide:

I want to provide everyone with a free hypnosis guide. This is a PDF that I wrote. And it really is a breakdown of what hypnosis is. What happens during a session? Does hypnosis really work? How many sessions does it take for my particular problem? Will I lose control or get stuck in hypnosis?  How does hypnotherapy differ from hypnosis stage performance? And again, we’re going to spend a whole episode on stage hypnosis as well, coming up.


My Background:

 I’ve been working clinically for almost 29 years. And right out of school, I was doing therapy with people and I was using things like guided imagery, relaxation techniques, meditation, you know, things that help people relax and focus. So the natural progression of that was I got certified and started using hypnosis clinically.  Years later, I was watching YouTube videos of hypnosis stage shows, and I just thought, oh, I want to do that. I’m hypnotizing people in the office. I want to do it for fun. I wanted to just have fun with hypnosis and I found a mentor (at some point I’m going to have him on the show because he’s mentored me as a stage hypnotist).   Stage hypnosis is a whole different animal. You’re not focused on one person in an office setting, you have 30 people on stage in front of an audience. And it’s just a whole different thing as far as how to make that work and make it entertaining. But that will be another cool episode that we’ll get into. We are close to wrapping up here.  I want listeners to leave suggestions, something that you’re wanting to hear about if there’s something that you have questions about leave comments on my Facebook page.   I’ll respond and then we can have subjects for future shows. We are going look at stage hypnosis in a future show. I haven’t nailed the guest down, but one of the shows coming up is,  I’ll just give the title of it:  Hypnosis and Tequila?


Closing/Wrap Up

I’ll be back in our next episode, and I’m going to finish breaking down this hypnosis thing, and we’ll answer questions. We’ll get into details and we’re going to get further and further into this. And I’m going to tell you, if you if you change your thinking, it just changes everything. And I know that sounds simplistic, sounds too good to be true. But if you change your thinking, you change your life. I know that sounds so cliche but that’s where change comes from.

I will see everybody in the next episode. In the meantime, subscribe to the podcast, please review it and join us each week as we delve into hypnosis, mental health and all things to do with being better and feeling better and just improving yourself.

Laugh hard, run fast, be kind.

I’ll see you soon.

David R. Wright MA, LPC, CHT

The Motor City Hypnotist