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Power Your Brain Through Hypnosis: How Hypnosis Can Help Improve Concentration and Focus


Though you try to keep your focus throughout the day, lately you’ve been feeling like you’re constantly getting distracted.

You’re tired of staying late at the office because your lack of focus makes it hard to get anything done. You’ve even noticed that you’re not able to remember things as clearly as you once were, and you’re getting concerned.

You’ve heard that hypnosis can help, and you’re ready to give it a try. 

Maybe you’re looking to improve your work performance, understand more about your psychological blocks, or keep your memory strong. 

But can hypnosis make the brain stronger, help you to study or focus on a singular task, and even help you recall past events you haven’t thought about in decades? 

Keep on reading this post to understand the links between hypnosis, concentration, and memory. 

Hypnosis to Improve Concentration

If you have trouble concentrating on an important work assignment or just can’t seem to get focused when you need to study for a test, you’re not alone. 

Recent studies show that the average attention span lasts roughly 8 seconds — a drastic difference from the year 2000, when the average person could hold focus for about 12 seconds. 

Humans today have an attention span that is shorter than that of a goldfish. 

You can blame the constant distractions, your stress level, easy access to email, social media…whatever the cause, you want to be able to concentrate. 

Hypnosis can improve concentration. 

But how?

Stanford University conducted a recent study that proved hypnosis causes blood to flow through the brain differently, therefore improving your focus. When you’re in a hypnotic state, the area of your brain that’s dedicated to the environment around you becomes much less active. 

Your brain shuts off common distractions while also strengthening networks in the brain responsible for the mind-body connection. Hypnosis should be thought of as the ultimate focused state.

Your brain remembers the level of focus it had during hypnosis, and when you need to concentrate again, you’ll have a much easier time cutting out distractions than in the past. 

If you opt for continual sessions, you’ll be able to focus faster and remain focused for longer. 

Hypnosis and Recall Memory

Now that you know more about how hypnosis works to improve your focus, let’s talk about how it can boost your memory recall. 

If you’re considering using hypnotherapy to help you break through psychological blocks, you’ve likely heard that hypnosis can help people to remember aspects of their lives they’ve previously forgotten. 

We know this can feel frightening, but remember that you won’t necessarily remember something bad. 

So, can hypnosis strengthen the mind? Can it make it easier for you to hold onto your memories for longer and recall important information faster? 

In a word, yes. 

The Subconscious and Hypnosis

When you enter into a hypnotic state, you’ll be able to access your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind contains memories, feelings, and desires that we don’t regularly access. Our subconscious mind is just as active as our conscious mind throughout the day, but we pay far less attention to it.

We’re not usually aware of our subconscious, and we’re certainly not able to control it. 

For example, if you stub your toe, your conscious mind might think something like, “That hurt! I meant to move that chair out of my way, but I forgot I’m so angry with myself.”

Your subconscious mind, which you won’t hear, might respond to the same incident with a statement like, “This is the same pain I felt when I fell in that pond as a child and hit my foot on a rock.”

Later that night, you might find yourself dreaming of the pond incident from your childhood, even though you can’t remember it fully. 

During hypnosis, you’re able to gain unprecedented access to your subconscious mind. It’s kind of like opening a secret passageway in an old house. You’ll be able to access a whole new world that was there all along, but that you weren’t always aware of. 

Hypermnesia and Hypnosis

When you opt to undergo hypnosis, you’ll experience vivid memory recall, referred to as hypermnesia. 

Most people will undergo a kind of regression. This means that you’ll be able to recall and even relive moments from your past, but you’ll still have an awareness that you’re looking at them from a current perspective. 

This is common when you undergo hypnosis to break a bad habit, to remember where you put things, and even to remember past events in your life. 

In some cases, you may experience a more intense state of revivification. 

This is where you experience memories as if they are happening to you now. 

Either one of these versions of hypermnesia will help you to recall your past, so that you can move past blocks in your life and pay more attention to your subconscious in the future. 

Are You Interested in Hypnosis to Improve Concentration?

We hope that this post has helped you to better understand how hypnosis can improve concentration and boost your memory.

Additionally, remember that an improved focus is just one of the many benefits of hypnosis. 

Under an experienced and professional hypnotist, you can learn how to overcome addictions, break patterns of self-destructive behavior, and even better manage physical pain. 

Are you ready to experience the beautiful healing power of hypnosis? 

If so, then please reach out to us to learn more about what to expect from your personal session