Can Hypnosis Alleviate Anxiety About Work?



Can Hypnosis Alleviate Anxiety About Work?

Imagine there was a holistic approach to understanding the underlying issues that feed the anxiety that hinder your work? There is, it’s hypnosis.

Do you feel anxiety about work?

According to industry research, 56% of Americans say they suffer from anxiety at a level that impacts their workplace performance. 

In addition, 51% say it affects their relationships with co-workers and peers and 50% admit it makes their quality of work suffer. 

Are you included in these ranks? If you wake up with a knot in your stomach, dreading the workday ahead, you understand that job stress can exacerbate any underlying nervousness you already feel. 

While there are medications you can take and supplements you can try, have you considered hypnosis?

This is a holistic treatment that may be the answer to shutting your office jitters down once and for all. Today, we’re discussing this approach and whether it’s right for you. Let’s get into it!

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

While it might sound offbeat, hypnotherapy is a time-honored practice. It can help us escape our current reality and re-center our minds to embrace what lies ahead.  

How does it work? In short, it helps remove our automatic, subconscious thought patterns. 

Many psychologists speculate that though we can inherit it, anxiety is often a learned behavior. Our minds take our natural emotions of panic or fear, meant to be defense mechanisms in times of true emergency, and heighten them to irrational proportions based on past events. 

For instance, you may have anxiety over public speaking because the one time you got behind the microphone, you had a bad experience. Decades later, it still makes you shake. 

Through repeated exposure to these fears, our subconscious becomes predisposed to assign that reaction to any related trigger. Thus, it’s not uncommon for someone who flubbed their lines in elementary school to fear speaking on the telephone and giving work presentations as an adult. 

Hypnotherapy forces us to examine this thought pattern and explore it for what it is. Let’s take a closer look at the mechanics behind it. 

Using Hypnosis to Tackle Work-Related Anxiety

How does hypnotherapy work? It allows you to get a clearer view of your subconscious, which can be murky when you’re awake.

As you enter a state of hypnosis, you’ll relax but still be aware. With both your mind and body at ease, you can move past your critical thoughts and enter into your subconscious. Here, you can discern your automatic thought patterns.

At this juncture, you’ll begin to answer questions such as:

  • Why do I feel anxious the minute I wake up?
  • What about my boss makes me nervous?
  • Which situations at the office cause me tension?
  • Why do I fear interactions with colleagues?
  • What drives me toward perfection to the point of madness?

If someone asked you these questions at any other time, you may say, “You know? I can’t put my finger on it.”

With hypnotherapy, you’re able to put your finger on it, grab a hold of it, and move it out of the way. 

The approach can include a variety of steps. Here’s a high-level look at three main ones.

Hypnosis for Work Anxiety
Hypnosis for Work Anxiety

Identifying Your Emotions

As you begin your hypnotherapy session, your hypnotist may ask you to describe the feelings you get at work that trigger your anxiety.

Most of the time, do you feel afraid first, then nervous? What about panicked or humiliated?

By answering this question, you can identify the real triggers behind your emotional response. You’ll also identify which parts of your body feel the anxiety first. 

Does your mouth get dry? Do you perspire under your arms? Does your face flush or your stomach tighten into a knot? 

All these feelings are automatic responses to a past emotion. We go outside in the winter and feel cold because we learned the concept of cold as a baby. Likewise, we walk into a conference room and start to sweat with nerves because, at one point, we learned to fear it. 

Exploring Your History with Anxiety

From here, you’ll enter into a deeper sphere of your subconscious mind. This is where you’ll find the experiences and information that bring on your anxiety. 

You may talk about the first time you remember feeling anxious at work. As you describe every detail of that event, you can better identify what triggered your reaction and isolate the cause. 

Reframing Negative Experiences

It’s true that our minds are like sponges. We’re quick to learn and slow to release a self-taught behavior. This is why one negative experience can frame a lifetime of situation-specific anxiety. 

With hypnotherapy, you’ll learn to reimagine that one negative event in a more positive light. That schoolwide production where you forgot your lines? You’ll create an alternative reality in your mind where you spoke them well to great applause. 

This helps the younger version of yourself break free from that negative experience. Then, your adult self is no longer chained to it as a frame of reference every time a similar situation happens. 

Try Hypnosis for Your Workplace Anxiety Today

Though it can feel like the most isolating condition in the world, anxiety is a common condition that many around the world battle on a regular basis.

If yours is starting to impact your ability to live a fulfilled life or find success in your career, it’s time to take action.

When used in conjunction with traditional treatment options, hypnosis can be the push you need to get past your rational thought patterns to tackle your anxiety head-on. 

Contact us today to schedule a personal session with a certified hypnotherapist and licensed professional counselor. Whatever you’re battling, the answer begins with unlocking your mind, and this is one powerful way to do so. 

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